Nadal: “My wife is fine”

The Rafa Nadal tennis player he is very jealous of his private life. That is why he would not have liked it to transcend the state of his woman, Mery Perello, pregnant 31 weeks and admitted to a hospital Palm. However, last morning after beating Fognini in the United States Open, has been blunt: “My woman is fine“.

“As you know, on a personal level I am in a situation that is important for me. And I have to manage everything. As much as they came out according to what kind of information in the press about my wife’s condition, my wife is fine, she and I let it fall. What happens is that they are situations that are sometimes more difficult to manage when one is away from home”, he assured in the press conference after the game.

A challenge that takes

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The Majorcan athlete has continued: “One has to go step by step, day by day, and as always, from tranquility and calm, build things that can work for you. And that is what I am trying to do, be calm, with the maximum illusion possible and try to be focused on what I have to be, but sometimes things are not that easy either. One has to accept it and I assume it without any problem. For me it’s a challenge and I accept it.”

“I hope to be ready in two days and play much better than I have today. and i’m one positive person. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t, but the confidence or rather hope, I don’t lose it until we’re out & rdquor ;, the tennis player has settled.


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