NASA’s Artemis I launch: what time is it, where to follow and how to watch the mission to the Moon online

It is 50 years since the last time a spacecraft made a trip to the Moon. It was the Apollo 17 mission. In this 2022, the Artemis I mission will try to reach the satellite again. It will be an uncrewed flight, including the Space Launch System Rocket and the Orion spacecraft. This is the first step of the Artemis Program, whose objective is to resume trips to the Moon and establish itself on the surface and in lunar orbit.

This is the second attempt carried out by NASA after the one on August 29, which was aborted due to a series of technical failures that prevented its launch.

NASA’s Artemis I launch date and time

The second launch attempt of Artemis I will take place at 2:17 p.m. in Florida, that is, at 8:17 p.m. in Spain. That is the time at which the launch window opens. NASA will offer a special liftoff broadcast one hour before liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center. In Spain, programming will start about an hour before. However, the launch will depend on weather conditions and could be postponed depending on them.

TV and where to watch the launch of Artemis I

The launch of the Artemis I spacecraft can be followed live and direct through the Youtube channel of the POT, as well as through its website and social network profiles. Also, in You can also follow its launch live online through direct that will be updated to the minute with everything related to the liftoff of Artemis I.

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