Netflix ad-supported subscription will cost between 7 and 9 dollars per month

Between seven and nine dollars a month. The price of the subscription that Netflix plans to label its AVOD service, whose launch, still unconfirmed, is estimated to take place between October and December of this year, will move in that band.

According to a report published by the company to which Bloomberg has had access, the price of Netflix’s ad-supported streaming service (AVOD) it could be between seven and nine dollars a month. A price lower than the current prices of the company in its country of origin, the United States, which range from $9.99 for the basic plan to $19.99 for the premium plan.

This report also specifies that there will be four minutes of advertising per hour of programming, and that they will be children’s content and self-produced programs are exempt from this. Similarly, the possibility of launching segmented campaigns on the OTT platform is ruled out.

for now, Netflix’s AVOD service is expected to reach six markets this yearalthough it is not specified to which ones, and that be implemented globally at the beginning of 2023.

For the management of advertising investment on its platform, Netflix will have the help of Microsoft, the company’s advertising partner since last July.

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