“Never ask a woman if she is pregnant just because you see a little belly”

Mary Pombo He has been enjoying the summer in style. Among her latest destinations to say goodbye to summer, the influencer has been in Cantabria, his favorite place to spend the summer. Among other tourist spots, she has visited Santander and has also returned to the church where she said “yes, I do” with her husband, Paul Castilian.

In addition, she has been accompanied by her entire family, enjoying a few days of the most familiar and above all, without separating from her son Martin. The little one of the house is almost two years old and is very loved by all the followers of the youngest of the Pombo sisters.

Mary has confessed on many occasions that both she and Pablo are willing to have a large family. Nevertheless, at the moment it does not seem that the clan will increase.

Haunted by pregnancy rumors

In fact, the influencer has published on your Instagram profile a video throwing a message for those who constantly ask when will you have another child or, directly, implying that she is pregnant for having noticed “something on her tummy”.

A few days ago, María Pombo posted an image in Santander. With a vertical striped dress and a shirt over her, she posed very happily with the sea in the background. Among the comments, there were many users who thought that she was pregnant: “I have a feeling Meri is pregnant” either “pregnant?”among other comments he received.

Photo of María Pombo in Santander | Instagram

The video of María Pombo before the rumors of pregnancy

A situation that has already been repeated more times in some of his posts. This has been the reason that has led the influencer to record a video answering this type of comment and at the same time, denying a possible pregnancy: “Never ask a woman if she is pregnant just because you see a little belly or simply because ‘it’s her turn'”.

After some examples of some messages from her followers, María began the video with this blunt phrase using a trend from another social network, TikTok. And she went on to say that “You don’t know her circumstances. If she wants to have children or not. If she wants to but can’t or it’s costing her. If she’s had an abortion or if she’s just put on weight.” “It is a question that, even if it is done with good intentions, is very harmful and that you will not really know if it is so until she wants to tell it”.

At the same time, in the caption he explained the context of this video: “I know that it is usually done with the best of intentions but it is a question that is in NO way positive. I, according to many people on social networks, have been pregnant more than 1 year and the rumors tend to coincide every month when I have my period, I am more swollen and I look worse physically”.

In this way, she copes with the continuous situations she faces on Instagram regarding alleged “pregnancies”. “In my case, reading those messages almost daily doesn’t affect me, BUT if I had had an abortion or was in the process of trying to get pregnant and was having a hard time, I know I would have a REALLY bad time. So please, for INFINITE reasons We are going to stop asking women if they are pregnant. (Especially because in no case will we get an answer to that question), “he concluded.

I’m sure you’re interested…

Pablo Castellano, the husband of María Pombo, speaks about the influencer’s pregnancy rumors

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