Omar Montes returns a lighter to a young man who tried to attack him at a concert and the collaborators of ‘EP’ praise his attitude

The concert tour of Omar Montes It has become one of the most commented topics in the last hours. The singer was forced to interrupt his show in Saint Sebastian of the kings seeing that one of the attendees had thrown a lighter at him.

The rest of the public began to rebuke the young assailant and, at the singer’s request, they pushed him onto the stage, where Montes’s bodyguards took him up on stage. From there, Omar was understanding with his aggressor and even gave him his hand and a hug.

“Let’s see, listen to me, little brother, calm down. You have to forgive. It’s nice to forgive”Omar told the young man as he hugged him over the shoulders and then returned the lighter and handed it over to the members of security, to whom he also addressed before they took him away.

A behavior that amazed all the singer’s fans, who cheered his attitude. Also the collaborators of Public mirror have praised the conduct of the former Isa Pantoja: “Omar had a very good reaction. He’s a kid and he drank a little, too”, highlighted one of the morning’s collaborators. “He has been pedagogical”, he has sentenced Lorraine Garcia.


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