Open microphone to dissident cardinals

It is far from usual for the Pope to summon the leaders of the universal Church to a summit. In fact, it is the first meeting of these characteristics in Francis’ pontificate. That is why it is not surprising that suspicions of an imminent resignation and the convocation of a conclave were triggered when last May he summoned the cardinals from all over the world for this Monday and Tuesday, not only to welcome a twenty of new members, as usual, but to put on the table the set of reforms that he has been undertaking since he was elected a little over nine years ago.

Practically everyone has blindly arrived today at the synodal hall where the Argentine pontiff met them. Beyond the start time of the conference – around nine o’clock – the Holy See did not share any more details with them. A break to eat and for a nap –if you are staying in the Vatican area– and back to work at four. Whatever happens, the meeting will culminate tomorrow with them at half past five with a mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. In total, 197 “princes” confirmed their attendance at the meeting, of the 226 from the College of Cardinals, a unanimous support, taking into account that of these 132 are electors and the rest are over 80 years old and would be out of a future conclave .


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