OPPO joins the wave, will remove chargers from their boxes

Boxes without chargers included. That seems to be the trend that reigns in the world of smartphones and OPPO has confirmed that it will be the next to join the phenomenon that Apple started during 2020.

In recent months we have seen how they have begun to adopt this decision put on the table for the first time by those from Cupertino arguing that the measure would help reduce their environmental footprint.

OPPO brings its Reno7 series to Mexico with a big bet on photography

This did nothing but cause an uproar in the industry. Samsung followed in these footsteps with the launch of the Galaxy S21 series, later bringing the movement to the mid-range with the GAlaxy A33 and A53. Similarly, Xiaomi replicated the strategy with the launch of the Mi 11 in China (although not in the global market) and finally, a few days ago it became known that Redmi would do the same in the recent launch of the Note 11 SE.

Well, the wave seems not to lose synergy and now OPPO is the manufacturer that has confirmed that during the next year it will eliminate the chargers from the boxes in “several products”.

Since GSMArenahighlight that this information was released within the framework of the European launch of the OPPO Reno8 series in the voice of Billy Zhang, vice president of sales and services abroad of the company.

The executive assured that it will be in 2023 when some OPPO products hit the shelves without chargers included in the box.

New OPPO will arrive without chargers

Although the disappearance of this boxed accessory is a fact, the truth is that no details were given about which devices will be affected by the measure; Nor was there any mention of the markets in which the strategy will be launched.

Specifically, Zhang stated:

“We will be taking the charger out of the box next year for several products. We have a plan. It is not so easy for consumers to gain access to [cargadores SuperVOOC], so we must keep it in the box. However, as we expand our business operations, we are looking to take the chargers out of the box and into the store so that our users can purchase the chargers and continue to use them even as they upgrade their devices.”

We must consider that removing the chargers from your box must be a well-conceived plan. The difference is that most of OPPO’s rivals use USB Power Delivery charging technology, on which many proprietary and third-party chargers are based that can be exchanged.

In addition, as indicated by the cited source, manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung pay little attention to charging speeds, so their devices use chargers between 20 W and 45 W.

For OPPO the picture is different. Although its devices support USB Power Delivery charging, the manufacturer owns VOOC, a fast charging technology that rises as one of the great flags in the launch of its flagships with charging speeds of up to 80W.

For now, it is not known in which markets the boxed charger will be omitted or on which devices will enter this game, so we will have to wait to know the impact it could have on its growth strategy in countries like Mexico.

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