ORX Launches Today on Steam Early Access and the Epic Games Store with Spanish Texts

ORX combines deck building and board game mechanics and was created by one person.

Developed by a single person, johnbell, and published by CRITICAL REFLEX, tower defense strategy game launches today ORX in Early Access Steam and Epic Games Store at the price of 14.99 Euros. ORX combines mechanics from popular deckbuilding and board game titles to create a truly unique experience.

In ORX, players must progress through four acts in a sprawling dungeon-like campaign, unlocking powerful new cards and artifacts along the way to build the perfect deck. With an increasing level of difficulty with each level passed and over 300 cards at the player’s disposal, experimenting with tactics is vital to surviving against the relentless hordes of orcs.

Choose your faction: You will have two factions at launch in Early Access, each with their own distinct play style. Rune Guardians are steadfast warriors who offer a defensive approach to combat, while Dune Reavers use offensive tactics that ditch fortifications in favor of warriors: spearmen, archers, bombers, squires, and more.

Expand your kingdom: Manage your gold carefully to build structures like villages, farms, castles and much more. Explore four different biomes and subbiomes that alternate between day and night.

Dungeon campaign: When the going gets tough, the toughest get going! ORX balances the battlefield by adapting to your successes and tactics, activating enemies and modes that challenge your play style.

30 unique enemy types: Get ready for unforgettable battles against an army of enemies, ranging from soldiers to heroes, each equipped with different abilities. The end of each act culminates in an intense boss battle that will put you to the test!

Fierce Competition: Share your scores and stats with other players to get to the top of the ORX global leaderboard.

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