Outrage over censorship of Maneskin at the MTV VMAs for the nipple of his bassist, Victoria De Angelis

Maneskin’s performance during the MTV VMA’s It has been the most commented and criticized on the social networks of the entire gala. Thousands of users have exploded against the American network for having censored part of her interpretation of ‘Supermodel’. All because of a wardrobe error that the group’s bassist, Victoria De Angelis, had.

The winners of “Best Alternative Video” for ‘I Wana Be Your Slave’ at this MTV VMAs gala took the stage to perform one of their latest best-known songs: ‘Supermodel’. However, halfway through the song, the group’s bassist Part of her dress falls off, showing one of her nipples. A moment that you will be able to see playing the video since in photographs of the performance that have not been censored you can see perfectly how Victoria de Angelis plays the bass with one of her breasts in the air.

Instead of leaving the shots showing her chest and continuing with the performance as if nothing had happened, MTV decided to place a short looping scene of the half empty room, which made people realize what had happened. Moreover, these images are repeated even in eleven occasions, crushing more than half of the concert and leaving many fans of the band pissed off.

As expected, the networks turned against what MTV did. Many users harshly criticized the chain for having cut the scenes in which the bassist appeared and they compared with the costumes of the main vocalist, Damiano David.

Precisely, all these criticisms also come from a tweet that the chain itself posted showing a fragment of the performance with Damiano on his back showing her ass.

Unfortunately, we still live in a culture where it is very sexualized the body of a woman. While the man can show his chest without any problem, as Damiano did with his wardrobe, a woman still cannot.

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