Part I with this seven-minute gameplay

Three days. That is exactly the amount of time left until the remake of The Last of Us: Part I goes on sale, so Naughty Dog has come up with the great idea of ​​making our teeth a little longer with the new seven minute gameplay that you have published so that we can better appreciate what this new version will look like.

The video in question focuses on an advanced part of the plot in which Joel and Ellie meet Bill, a survivor with whom they will maintain an alliance during a section of the adventure. Of course, the union will be essential for everyone if they want to get out of the area they are in alive, as it is tremendously full of infected.

All this helps us appreciate how the graphic section has improved considerably of the game, such as in its lighting, in the realism of the scenarios and all the elements that will be around, as well as in the appearance of the characters and the enemies themselves. In fact, the video even leaves us with a fight against a Swollen, one of the most fearsome creatures.

It will be from September 2, the day on which The Last of Us: Part I It will go on sale on PS5, when you will be able to appreciate all these details for your own account. In addition, this new version will have new accessibility options and it also has a PC version underway, no date yet.

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