Patricia Rato and Javier Moro, nine years of love with a happy ending

After nine years of courtship, Patricia Mouse Y Xavier Moro They are about to put the finishing touch to their love story. As she announced last Tuesday vanity exclusively, the ex-wife of Spartacus and the businessman will pass by the altar on next September 8. Lovers they will seal their love in a ceremony as intimate as it is discreet and, later, they will celebrate their engagement with their loved ones at the farm that Javier shares with his brothers.

The aforementioned medium assured that the couple would have to get married civilly since both have previously been married in the church. However, as the socialite has confirmed to the magazine Hello! this same Wednesday, this is not the option contemplated by the future marriage, but rather its intention is to sing the ‘yes, I do’ in a religious ceremony.

Patricia has taken the opportunity to confess how happy both they and their relatives feel with this important step that they have decided to take in their relationship, although, on the contrary, what he has not wanted to confirm is the supposed wedding date raised by Vanity. And much less, the details of the link.

The first time he saw Moro was eleven years ago at the house of a mutual friend.GTRES

Although the first rumors suggested that Patricia and Javier they met on a hunt when the socialite was still married to the bullfighter and it was he who introduced them. The truth is that, as Patricia herself revealed to the press, the first time he saw Moro was eleven years ago at the house of a mutual friend, to where both moved to celebrate the host’s birthday.

Apparently, they struck up a good friendship from the first moment, since, according to several media outlets, They became unconditional support for each other when they were still just friends. It was not until after some time that they began a sentimental relationship that already has nine years.

Their romance has always been marked by maximum discretion, being counted the times in which we have been able to see them together in public. Your interest in wearing a reserved and remote life, completely, from the media focus, has made them want to do the same with their wedding, which will bring together their closest family and friends, and of course, their respective children.

The 62-year-old businessman is divorced and has two children, although they are older and live completely independently, since they are 29 and 27 years old. Patricia, For his part, he has three children, Alexandra, Isabella and Juan, fruit of his relationship with Juan Antonio Ruiz Espartaco. The socialite and the bullfighter were together for two decades and, once their story was over, both rebuilt their lives with their current partners.

It is known that today maintain a good relationship marked by respect and affection for everything they experienced during the years they were together, although the truth is that their divorce was anything but idyllic: «My separation has been very hard, very long and very sad for everyone, as I suppose any separation is, for everything that It entails breaking up a family”, Rato confessed several years ago to the magazine Hello!.

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