“Paying 365 euros is not for the rich. A Ferrari, yes”

David Munoz is about to turn a year old Best Chef in the World. The Spanish chef aspires to revalidate the title on September 20 at the gala The Best Chef Awards to be held in Madrid, an event in which he will be one of the main speakers. After finishing a long and profitable vacation in Mexico, Muñoz faces a new course in his four restaurants, being DiverXO Crown jewel.

This establishment, which has three Michelin stars It is the fourth best restaurant in the world and offers diners dishes of creative and very sweet food. However, despite being a culinary benchmark, DiverXO had been losing money for 15 years, so the price of your tasting menu climbed up to €365 in 2022.

“The decision was clear: if by putting this price in DiverXO we did not have an audience, it meant that DiverXO should not exist as it does today, it would be an unreal restaurant. If in the end I had to put the price at 365 euros and people did not want to come is that there was no public then and it would have to be changed, it would have to be closed, or it would have to be turned around”, Muñoz explained in Madrid Fusión defending the price increase.

It is the most expensive tasting menu in Spain, a price that, according to the chef, is not for the rich after being asked in Vanity Fair Italy in case haute cuisine is an experience reserved for the rich. “No way. Spending 365 euros is not something for the rich. A Ferrari, a five-star hotel or a yacht is for the rich. If you save some of your money for a few months you can go to any restaurant in the world. In fact, I’ll tell you more: fine dining is the most affordable luxury experience you can have today. Do you know how much a ticket to a Harry Styles concert costs? From 300 to 600 euros. Do you think everyone who goes to see it is rich? They are normal people who save money because they want to have that experience. If you go to see Real Madrid – Juventus, a ticket starts at 250 euros, and football is certainly not for the rich. There are different ways of looking at experiences.“, he explained.

StreetXO’s return to London?

Due to the pandemic, Muñoz had to close one of his flagships: the restaurant StreetXO in London. However, in the same interview he opens the door to its reopening in the future.

“The pandemic was a very difficult period for those who work in gastronomy. We had to close StreetXO in London because we were still paying 45,000 pounds in rent a month, even though we couldn’t work. It was very hard, also because we had been open for six years and we were very successful. Therefore, we will be back as soon as possible,” he explains.


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