PEOPLE AND CELEBRITIES | Julia Janeiro explodes before the press: “I have not sold anything so you can leave me alone”

While julia janeiro tries to go unnoticed, her family does not stop monopolizing all eyes. And it is that after the birth of her brother, the recent exclusive of her parents, the confirmation of his uncle in a new reality show and the graduation of her sister Andrea, the Janeiro family is back in the media focus.

Jesulín de Ubrique and Mary Joseph Campanario They offered just a few days an interview for the magazine ‘Hola’ in which the bullfighter confirmed that he would have reached an agreement for the realization of a docuseries of his life. After years away from the media, the couple posed on the cover of the magazine to celebrate their 20 years of marriage and the arrival of their third child in the family.

Meanwhile, her daughter Julia prefers to remain on the sidelines and likewise communicates this to the media who ask her about her parents: “Well, ask them, I haven’t sold anything.”

The young woman defends that her position has always been to be away from the media and intends to continue like this: “I’m not going to say anything. I haven’t sold anything so you can leave me alone, I’ve said it many times of course.” He is clear about his desire and does not intend to give in to the press: “I’m not going to answer anything”

Finally, she decides not to speak any more and remains silent when asked about her sister Andrea’s graduation and the absence of Jesulín De Ubrique at the event, something that has drawn everyone’s attention and has raised much speculation, since Belén Esteban yes He was present on his daughter’s big day.


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