September Pisces begins and the truth is that, somehow, you need to get into a routine, start having more organization, more order with everything around you. It starts with you, you already know. There are still many things to improve, but above all, get ready and change what you have to change.

You are anxiously awaiting news, you want certain things to happen in your life now, but sometimes it is more complicated than it seems. Don’t want to run that everything will come and everything will be fine. Also, no matter how impossible it may seem in the end, with you, everything ends up happening sooner or later Little Fish. Enjoy the season you are experiencing, the future plans that are going through your mind, the illusion with which you observe everything now. And let what has to come happen when the time is right.

From the 9th to the 24th of September, the Sun and Neptune they come into opposition which can lead you to have certain fears and certain doubts about yourself, you can see problems where there are none and let yourself be carried away by irrational fears. Take good care of your mind these days, try to do meditation, yoga, or perhaps some important relaxation technique. Turn off the phone and don’t spend so much time online comparing your life with that of others, comparing the evolution of others with yours.

It is important that this month you try to get away from people who do not bring you anything Pisces. Because believe me you will absorb each and every one of the energies and vibes of whoever is by your side. You don’t have to put up with anything now, you don’t have to “do it by commitment”. You may even be disappointed in certain behaviors of someone very close to you, perhaps a family member or a friend, but remember something, everything returns Pisces. You do not want to be anyone’s Karma, no matter how stressed you may feel or how much you want to return it, that every pig gets its San Martin for sure.

Beware of your insecurities Little Fish, you have to find a way to believe in yourself a little more. It’s not that you don’t, but your sensitivity very often makes you more vulnerable than you are and that, in the end, is a problem. May those recurring thoughts you have not paralyze you. Keep breathing and keep walking Pisces. Sometimes you don’t have to try to understand but simply move forward and let everything happen and everything arrive. Happy September.

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