Podemos proposes to eliminate natural gas in homes and create public heating systems


United We Can has proposed the elimination of natural gas in Spanish homes, progressively replacing it with electrified systems, and the creation of public district heating systems.

These are other proposals that the minority partner of the Government has sent to the Ministry of Ecological Transition with a view to drafting the Contingency Plan for energy savings that will be sent to Brussels. That same document includes the flat rate for public transport of 10 euros, the implementation of a progressive electricity rate that punishes households that consume the most and the increase in taxation on private planes, yachts and cars deluxe.

In his opinion, it is time to reduce dependence on natural gas and to advance as quickly as possible in the implementation of renewable energies.

Following the model proposed by Italy, the bet of the ‘purples’ is to test a plan of subsidies and soft loans to eliminate domestic natural gas installations as soon as possible and replace them with other electrified and/or non-gas-dependent technologies, such as electric boilers, induction cookers or aerothermal energy and heat pumps.

In the document, collected by Europa Press, it is also proposed, in the medium term, “to consider the possibility of installing publicly owned centralized district heating systems, such as those that exist today in Denmark, facilitating a transparent technological change for end users and benefiting from the economy of scale that entails economic savings from the beginning compared to individual boilers”.

Other Podemos proposals are to finance 100% of the installation of photovoltaic panels in blocks of buildings in low-middle income neighborhoods (currently the maximum is 40%), as well as to accelerate investment and decarbonization of public transport, increasing electric vehicles .

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