Police find Sevda’s body! Will they frame Demir?

In the last chapter ofbitter land‘ we have seen how Demir and Zuleyha They received an unpleasant surprise: Ümit appeared in the Yaman mansion. The young woman came to blackmail Demir… she wanted to stay and live in the mansion with him! Demir At first he thought that the doctor had lost her mind, but far from it: Ümit wanted his son to be born on the Yaman farm. Furthermore, he has threatened Demir that if he does not let him fulfill his wishes, he will go to the police and tell them that he was the one who killed Sevda. It’s his word against Ümit’s! And they both know that the police would suspect him before… Demir has gone pale before such a threat…

when he found out Zuleyha what was it about Ümit at the mansion, he has lost his nerve. However, the best was yet to come… Demir was going to give in to letting him live with them! Züleyhya couldn’t believe it… Was it a nightmare?

Subsequently, Demir has led to Zuleyha to talk alone in the room and the young man has confessed the blackmail he was subjecting him to Ümit. He has revealed to Him that Sevda was dead! Züleyha was shocked… How was it possible that Ümit wanted to hurt them so much? The young woman has felt very sad to learn of the death of the singer! How will the marriage overcome this obstacle?

In the next chapter of ‘Tierra Amarga’ we will see how the police do not stop looking for Sevda, when they discover a body buried in the field. Everyone is very surprised! Whose body will it be? The police send the body to be analyzed… What will happen when they realize that it is Sevda’s? Will they blame Demir?

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