Premieres HBO Max Spain September 2022: News

The return of one of Adult Swim’s iconic series (a label to which, in our opinion, Warner should show some love if it does not want to run into an animator rebellion), a very recent theatrical release and the landing of the productions of Discovery+ on HBO Max, until the transformation to a common platform arrives. Autumn is here and HBO Max is ready for us to forget about the business ups and downs from Warner.

Catalog of new series in Spain

‘Rick and Morty’

At this point, one might think that ‘Rick and Morty’ has already exhausted its ideas, but the truth is that each new trailer always makes us long teeth. With its usual doses of full-blown multi-references, surreal violence, and hard-core sci-fi concepts, the series promises to keep up the ascending line of the fifth season after an excessively convoluted and labyrinthine fourth. We are prepared for the return of Rick Sánchez and company.

  • Premiere on September 5

All series in September

  • ‘Rick and Morty’ S6A (05/09)
  • ‘Birdgirl’ S2 (09/14)
  • ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ S5 (09/15)
  • ‘The Spookys’ S2 (09/17)
  • ‘Own Cause’ S6A (09/29)
  • Industry Season 2 (09/30)
  • ‘La Brea’ S2 (09/28)

Catalog of new films and documentaries in Spain


Baz Luhrman signs one of this summer’s blockbusters, a singular biopic of the great white rock’n’roll star. As a novelty, ‘Elvis’ focused more than usual in the stories about his life in analyzing the star’s relationship with the manager who accompanied him (and exploited) his entire life, The Colonel, played here by Tom Hanks. With the usual waste of visual excesses from the director of ‘Moulin Rouge’, ‘Elvis’ arrives at HBO Max, as is usual on the platform, just a few weeks after going through theaters.

  • Premiere on September 2

‘The Hammer House: Scandal and Perversion’

Discovery+ lands on Spanish HBO+ with this exclusive documentary series that investigates the murky intimate life of actor Arnie Hammer through the testimonies of some of his former lovers and members of his family. The extravagant accusations of cannibalism and abuse of all kinds will be analyzed in a true crime with celebrities included who, like ‘Elvis’, arrives on a strategic day for HBO Max: the Prime Video premiere of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power‘.

  • Premiere on September 2

All movies and documentaries in June

  • ‘Elvis’ (02/09)
  • ‘The Hammer house: Scandal and perversion’ (09/02)
  • ‘My life as a Rolling Stone’ (07/09)
  • ‘Angels of Sinjar’ (09/30)

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