preview of today’s chapter 2445

    Today the Love is forever, Despite Luján’s instructions, Barros is determined to investigate the alleged police corruption plot and contacts Micky, one of the junkies involved. After talking with him for a long time, Barros gets the drug addict to give him a key clue to hunt down the corrupt policeman that worries him so much.

    Visi pays the consequences of being ashamed of her relationship with Sebas, who breaks up with her. Meanwhile, Rubén receives a job offer outside the city and wants Cristina to leave everything to follow in his footsteps, as we saw in the yesterday’s episode of Love is forever.. Of course, she asks him for time to think about what decision to make, because he is afraid of making a mistake.

    Uriarte realizes that they have had a trap for him

    Nieves has an interesting business idea and wants Manolita to be her partner. Marcelino’s wife cannot allow herself to participate in her cousin’s idea, but she does manage to convince Sebas to help her reconcile Benigna and Visi. In addition, Candela and Fausto meet again and try to get closer after many years of seeing each other and too many things to blame.

    On the other hand, Coral agrees to leave the city, but she is aware that she cannot drag Paloma with her. At the same time, just as Penelope foresaw, everything gets complicated when she receives the news that Santiago has escaped from prison. Worried about the danger her teacher is in, Ismael urges her to leave the city. Also, Uriarte finds out about Candela’s departure from the clinic and realizes that they have set a trap for him.

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