Price of gasoline and diesel today, August 30: diesel continues to rise

In the absence of a day for August to say goodbye definitively, we can already say that the month we left behind has been split in two, where the bridge of its equator has served as a border to observe two trends in gasoline and diesel prices.

Today, the price of gasoline is €1,799/l, when in the past August 16th registered €1.873/l. Diesel, however, is found at €1,920/l, when two weeks ago it was €1,862/l. A significant rise that leaves us with an image rarely seen in our country: diesel is significantly more expensive than gasoline.




























Rebound effect

At the worst time. When we thought we would have a completely calm summer, the second half of the month of August has increased the price of fuels, with diesel surpassing the barrier of €1.90/litre. Despite everything, let us remember that the forecasts were much worse.

And it is that before most of the drivers got behind the wheel, it was already warned that we could get to see the fuel at €3/litre if conditions continued to worsen. Although gasoline has stabilized, diesel has experienced a significant rebound.

Back to school with skyrocketing prices

That is to say, back to school in September, with its usual cost, we will have to add some frightening fuel prices. As collected by European Union with your newsletters just a year ago we paid for gasoline at €1,414/litre, while diesel stood at €1,258/litre.

The last phase of the summer therefore arrives with uncertainty as far as fuel prices are concerned. In any case, let us remember that until December 31, the subsidy for diesel and the gasoline 20 cents/liter and that, as of September 1, there will be significant discounts on spanish trains. These and other topics can be found in our Guide to not go crazy with the price of gasoline.

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