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Don’t let the brilliance and luxury of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ blind you: it may be the most expensive series of the month (and of the year), but there are other equally interesting proposals in the rest of the platforms. From a Spanish-style energy apocalypse to the old, universal and reliable panic to satanic hospitals. These are the most outstanding novelties for this September in Prime VideoMovistar Plus+ and Filmin.

Prime Video: new movies, series and documentaries

‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’

It’s here the most ambitious and expensive series of the year. Amazon has broken all the piggy banks I had to buy the rights of ‘The Lord of the Rings’although they cannot resort to the stories that served as the basis for the peter jackson trilogy. So here we have other stories, thousands of years before, with some matching characters that we already know, like Galadriel, and a story that goes back to the forging of the Rings.

  • Premiere on September 2

Other Prime Video releases

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power‘ (09/02)
  • ‘Another way of understanding life: feel what we are’ (09/08)
  • ‘Flight / Risk’ (09/09)
  • ‘Jackass 4’ (09/09)
  • ‘Licorice Pizza’ (09/11)
  • ‘A private matter’ (09/16)
  • ‘Goodnight Mommy’ (09/16)
  • ‘Grand Tour’ Season 4 (09/16)
  • ‘Haikyu!!’ S3 (09/22)
  • ‘Disappeared without a trace’ (09/22)
  • ‘The exorcism of my best friend’ (09/27)
  • ‘Jungle’ (09/30)
  • ‘Sonic 2 The Movie’ (09/30)

Filmin: new films, series and documentaries

Special Lars Von Trier

A real gift for the most cinephile sector: the 14 films by Danish director Lars Von Trier, after having passed through Spanish cinemas in the months of July and August, arrive at Filmin in a cycle that covers from ‘The element of crime’ of 1984 to the disconcerting ‘Jack’s house’ of 2018. In between, films as different from each other as ‘Europe’, ‘Breaking the waves’, ‘Antichrist’ or ‘Melancholia’. And also, an extra: his splendid horror miniseries ‘The Kingdom’ remastered, as a prelude to the new season that will arrive in the fall.

  • Premiere on September 16

Other premieres in Filmin

  • ‘The year of discovery’ (09/01)
  • ‘A new world’ (09/02)
  • ‘The Control Room’ (09/06)
  • ‘Instinct’ (09/09)
  • ‘False guilty’ (09/09)
  • ‘We Are Who We Are’ (09/13)
  • ‘Costa Brava, Lebanon’ (16/09)
  • Special Lars Von Trier (16/09)
  • ‘The Death of Dick Long’ (09/16)
  • ‘Sweat’ (09/23)
  • ‘Munich’ 72′ (09/23)
  • ‘The Virgin of August’ (09/23)
  • ‘All You Need’ (09/23)
  • ‘A royal secret’ (09/27)
  • ‘The lesson’ (09/30)
  • ‘Just Remembering’ (09/30)
  • ‘A Change of Heart’ (09/30)
  • ‘Oswald the Forger’ (09/30)

Movistar Plus+: new movies, series and documentaries


The apocalypse seen from a realistic perspective is what this Movistar Plus+ anthology series proposes, bringing together prominent creators such as Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Isabel Peña, Raúl Arévalo, Alberto Rodríguez and Isaki Lacuesta. Five episodes looking at what would happen if a solar storm caused a total blackout in energy and technology on the planet.

  • Premiere on September 29

Other premieres on Movistar Plus +

  • ‘A-ha: the movie’ (01/9)
  • ‘Good luck, Big Leo’ (02/9)
  • ‘The empire of the Maxwells’ (04/9)
  • ‘Billy the kid’ (05/9)
  • ‘Petra: secrets of its construction’ (06/9)
  • ‘Hinterland’ (06/9)
  • ‘The undertaker’s wife’ (06/9)
  • ‘The British Crown Jewels’ (07/9)
  • ‘Grace Kelly: the lost millions’ (07/9)
  • The Good Fight‘ S6 (08/9)
  • ‘Magellan: the first trip around the world’ (08/9)
  • ‘Nine Sevillas’ (08/9)
  • Scoundrels‘ (09/09)
  • ‘American Underdog’ (9/10)
  • ‘Home’ (9/13)
  • Everything went well‘ (9/13)
  • ‘What ended the Roman Empire?’ (9/13)
  • ‘Surviving on Mars’ (9/14)
  • ‘Ennio: the teacher’ (15/9)
  • Belfast‘ (9/16)
  • ‘La Palma, the last volcano’ (19/9)
  • ‘Iconic constructions of humanity’ (9/20)
  • Charlotte (9/20)
  • Great Freedom‘ (9/21)
  • CODA‘ (9/23)
  • ‘Marry me’ (9/24)
  • ‘The boy behind the door’ (9/25)
  • A hero‘ (9/27)
  • ‘Blackout’ (9/29)
  • the card counter‘ (9/30)

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