Problems between Morocco and France over the expulsion of an imam accused of radicalism

The expulsion by France of Moroccan imam Hassan Iquioussen, accused of radicalism, hatred of women and anti-Semitism, has caused a problem between Paris and Rabat by not accepting the return of the preacher. All this is due, according to media close to the Government, to the restriction of visas to Moroccans who intend to travel to France, although it may also be related to the potential “danger” of the aforementioned imam.

“Political circles and the press in France were unanimously satisfied that Morocco had granted a pass to Hassan Iquioussen to access the national territory and were only waiting for the green light from the Council of State, the highest French administrative court, to see him extradited to the Kingdom”, points out Le360, a medium that knows what is going on in the Rabat Government.

Once the permission was granted, the extradition did not take place. The Moroccan authorities have not yet given their consent to issue a “laissez-passer” (entry permit), an essential key to the expulsion of Hassan Iquioussen.


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