PS Plus Essential games for September leak again

The reliable French web forum Dealabs has once again filtered the games of PlayStation Plus Essential, this time for the month of September. after already a year of leaks with continuous successes, it would be sinful to be skeptical not to take for granted that the titles of this coming month will be Need for Speed ​​Heat, TOEM Y Granblue Fantasy Versus.

As always, they also come to confirm the dates (relatively predictable) to let us know that we will be able to add them to our library from Tuesday, September 6 until the 4th of the following month.

Starting with those of PlayStation 4, we find Need for Speed ​​Heat to include saga of illegal races (less in cases like ProStreet) created by Electronic Arts Canada in the catalog. This is the last main installment of the franchise if we don’t count the NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered, and it brings a somewhat more casual component to the catalog without completely giving up a certain finesse in its control. That seems to make more sense next game leak of this year that according to Tom Hendersoncould come out on November 4 and would be officially announced soon.

The other PS4 title will be Granblue Fantasy:Versusthe fighting game developed by Arc System Works and released in the West in March 2020 by Cygames, commemorating the sixth anniversary of the saga. With 12 fighters available in its initial roster and expandable to 25 in total, Granblue Fantasy: Versus managed to break into the demanding fighting game market.

The last one, which will only come out for PlayStation 5 (in fact, it doesn’t even have a version of the last generation), is TOEM. It is a nice independent video game released last year, in which we will have to discover the mysteries of its world while helping people and solving puzzles thanks to our camera. My colleague Marta Trivi had the opportunity to analyze it at her moment, where she expressed the good use she made of photography as a tool to get to know the world around us:

It is very difficult to find any fault with the proposal of Something We Made. Toem is very clear about his themes and has focused his efforts on bringing them forward in a coherent way, rejecting any type of distraction and unnecessary element. The game lasts as long as it has to last, does what it has to do, and comes to fruition with enviable efficiency. And although its modest ambitions prevent us from qualifying it as a “perfect” game, it is, without a doubt, one of the most pleasant and hard-working experiences of this 2021.

Here you can read the full analysis.

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