PS5 goes through the workshop with stealth and Sony releases a much lighter review of both models

The eyes have been cast on Sony in the last days. The Japanese company has been harshly criticized after the announcement of the ips5 price increase, in its two available models. Meanwhile, purchases in the company continue to occur with the acquisition of Savage Game Studios.

Now we have learned that Sony is preparing a new revision of the new generation console. In this case we are talking about the incorporation of two new models for the CFI-1200 series, which have been approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication of Japan, as indicated Renka_schedule.

In this way, the forecast is that it will be the September 15 when they see the light these modifications. This day is the one designated by Sony for the price increase on PS5 to be effective on both models for the Japanese country.

However, in Press Start they have had access to the new models in Australia, having the digital (CFI-1202B) and the disc reader (CFI-1202A). Therefore, the weights are distributed in this way with each annual review:

  • 2020: disc reader 4.5 Kg / digital 3.9 Kg
  • 2021: disc reader 4.2 Kg/digital 3.6 Kg
  • 2022: disc reader 3.9 Kg/digital 3.4 Kg

The latest revision, known as IFC-1100, introduced small but substantial changes. For example, the system reduced its weight by 300 grams thanks to the change of the heat sink along with some minor components. It will still be necessary to wait for it to arrive in stores to see first-hand what modifications are included.

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