Qualcomm joins Meta and Bose to create new experiences in the metaverse and strengthen its audio solutions

MADRID, Sep. 2 (Portaltic/EP) –

Qualcomm has announced a new collaboration agreement with Meta and Bose, two companies with which it will work on joint projects for the development of the metaverse and smart headphones, respectively.

The manufacturer of processors has announced this association within the framework of the technology and consumer electronics fair, IFA 2022, a space in which brands such as LG, JBL or Samsung have already announced their products.

At a presentation event organized by the technology company this Friday, Qualcomm has announced a multi-year agreement to collaborate with Meta on the development of the Meta Quest platform, which currently integrates Snapdragon XR2 chips.

“This agreement will enable our companies to deliver best-in-class devices and experiences to transform the way we workwe play, we learn, we create and we connect in a materialized metaverse,” said Cristiano Amon, Chairman and CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated.

For his part, the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has advanced that both companies are working on the development of “custom virtual reality chips“and powered by Snapdragon XR technology for future Quest products.

The manager has also indicated that “the creation of virtual reality presents novel and multidimensional challenges”, so that the chips of the American brand will allow them to take “virtual reality to the limit”.

On the other hand, Qualcomm has highlighted its “continuous” collaboration with Bosewhich plans to integrate new products developed with its chips into its catalog of novelties, made up of headphones, speakers and sound bars.

Specifically, Bose will incorporate Qualcomm S5 audio SoCs in your future wireless devices, which have powerful processing power and low power consumption.

“Bose has an incredibly robust and competitive product roadmap that will leverage our audio and premium connectivity to bring to market its most innovative audio devices to date,” said Amon.

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