Queen Letizia’s niece breaks when remembering her mother after being criticized

  • Carla Vigo has been broken by receiving harsh criticism on social networks

  • A user has assured that Queen Letizia’s niece “needs too much love for the lack of her mother”

  • Érika Ortiz’s daughter has responded to this person by assuring that her mother “what she could she gave me the best she knew how”

15 years ago, specifically on the morning of February 7, 2007, the death of the sister of the then princess of Asturias made headlines in the world press. the body of Erika Ortiz31, was found dead in the Vicálvaro house where he lived and which the current queen of Spain had acquired with her first savings. His tragic death left his family in grief.Specially to Carla Vigohis daughter, who was orphaned at just five years old.

The niece of the current queen of Spain, who is currently 21 years old, It has broken receiving criticism in the social networks that affirms that today “he does not even know what he wants”, since “he needs too much love due to the lack of his mother, and the only thing he does is criticize your auntLetizia. A “vomiting” comment that the actress herself has replied through an Instagram story in which she has appeared with glassy eyes at the damage that reading such a statement had caused her.

Carla Vigo Ortiz denounces the “dark part” of being Letizia’s niece

“The person says something like that my mother did not give me love and that I treat the people I love badly… What love is she going to give me if I lived five years and four months… what he could he gave me the best he knew and super well so don’t talk about things like that”, she replied quite hurt, giving advice to all those who dedicate themselves to sending hateful messages on social networks: “The next time someone comments something like that, please, think about it very well because it can be something that does a lot of damage to the person you say it to”.

Carla Vigo breaks when receiving a comment about the love her mother gave her

Carla Vigo breaks when receiving a comment about the love her mother gave herInstagram

How did Carla Vigo find out about her mother’s death?

In an extensive report for the magazine Lecturas, Vigo spoke at length about how he found out about the death of his mother. “They told me at home, I also read it outside. I spent a few days very angry with my family for not having told me before,” recalled Carla, who was not able to understand the reason why she decided to take her own life: “What would have happened for it to get to that point? You can’t put yourself in her shoes!”I understood over time.

Erika Ortiz, in a file photo

Erika Ortiz, in a file photoEurope Press

To manage your grief, Carla decided to write a series of letters to Erika that she still has. “I don’t know why, I kept them in a drawer. Sometimes I read them.” A way to preserve the few memories that remain of her mother (“the ones I have are very beautiful”), which she is convinced that she would be very proud to see how she fulfills her dream of triumphing over the boards.


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