Queen Letizia’s unexpected response to a woman who told her to cover her gray hair

On the occasion of Queen Letizia’s 50th birthday‘El País Semana’ has dedicated a extensive report in which some have been uncovered curiosities about his personality and his day to day. In a profile prepared by the journalist Jesús Rodríguez, it is unraveled how is the monarch in short distances and how she manages in an environment for which, initially, she was not educated.

Throughout 10 pages, some of her most unknown episodes as queen are told but, if there is one that has attracted attention, it is the one that mentions the constant comments about their physical appearance and the way they dress. It is not the first time that Queen Letizia has become the focus of criticism for their clothing, on some other occasion branded “too daring” or that has caused a stir for his toned physique.

As the journalist narrates, when the monarch was at the last Book Fair in Madrid, last June, Letizia “was hoarse recommending a large group of ladies to read; they, whilethey advised him to dye his gray hair because they made him older”. In fact, a lady even told him: “Get some pretty highlights.” “Yes, ma’am, but let you read”, Then Letizia replied.

But that is not the only curiosity that is collected in the report. Another curious moment occurred in the queue of a Carrefour. Rodríguez says that a lady asked Letizia “And what are you doing here?” to which he replied: “Well, look, like you, buying tomatoes.”

There are also details of what the queen’s day-to-day life is like in the palace: Fridays are for movies, sometimes she goes alone, and Saturdays are for going out with friends. “She shares with her husband and her daughters a long early breakfast and, whenever possible, dinners, in which there are many father’s battles” Jesus Rodriguez points out.


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