[RD/ORP1] “Voidvelgr” Fusion Monster & “Dark Hole”

[RD/ORP1] “Voidvelgr” Fusion Monster & “Dark Hole”

Yes, I promise these two things are related.

RD/ORP1-JP047 Voidvelg Apocalypse Voidvelgr Apocalypse
Level 9 DARK Galaxy Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 2000
Materials: “Voidvelgr Pale Rider” + “Dark Prophet”
[REQUIREMENT] You can activate this by sending 1 card from your hand to GY.
[EFFECT] During this turn, this card gains 1000 ATK and cannot be destroyed by effects. If you activate this effect during the Main Phase, it was Special Summoned, you can also add 1 “Dark Hole” from your GY to your hand.

RD/ORP1-JP048 Dark Prophet Black prophet
Level 1 DARK Galaxy Effect Monster
[REQUIREMENT] During the turn this card is Normal Summoned, you can activate it by shuffling 3 DARK Galaxy monsters from your GY back into your Deck.
[EFFECT] Choose 1 “Fusion” in your GY and add it to your hand.

RD/ORP1-JP069 Black hole Black hole (Dark hole)
[LEGEND]A normal spell card
[EFFECT] Destroy all monsters on the field.

Also a video on how to use these three cards together:


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