Real Valladolid expresses its willingness to register Promises in the First RFEF, although it sees little chance of it happening

Promesas players celebrate a goal during the Diputación Trophy / Jose C. Castillo

The International Doge’s place is up in the air, but Talavera and Zamora have the right to occupy it before the blanquivioleta subsidiary

Arturo Posada

Real Valladolid will inform the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) of its willingness to register Promesas in the First RFEF category if finally the International Doge does not have the minimum number of licenses established in the General Regulations to play in the category of bronze. The Madrid club has until 12 noon on August 31 to process the necessary files, but if it does not do so before, it will lose its place, according to the resolution issued by the Single Competition Judge. Real Valladolid has received a communication from the RFEF to express its willingness to register Promises in the First RFEF before that deadline (August 31 at 12 noon) and has expressed its willingness to present its candidacy. However, there is little chance that this possibility will prosper since the first club that has the right to opt for this place if the Dux Internacional does not register all the players is CD Talavera. Zamora CF is in second position and, in third place, the possibility would correspond to Real Valladolid Promesas.

In Zorrilla they emphasize that they will present the candidacy to opt for the possibility that opens in the First RFEF, but they are aware that they are not the first to choose and they take it for granted that CD Talavera (which fell last year with 42 points) will be the one who returns to the bronze category of Spanish football. Real Valladolid will officially present the documentation to access that place “in the unlikely event” that it is their turn, as sources from the blanquivioleta club explain. «We believe that Talavera will accept. They are within their rights to be the first to choose,” they add in Zorrilla. “In any case, we will formally present our will to the Federation to be one of the candidates for that position, in the event that it is finally free. We do not have the hope that it can happen, but our obligation is to be there just in case.

CD Zamora, which fell from the First RFEF to the Second RFEF with 37 points, is the second team that could opt to cover the loss of Dux Internacional after CD Talavera (42 points). In third place is Real Valladolid Promesas, which added 36 points last year before relegation. The fourth candidate is Tudelano, who fell with 28 points.

The Sole Competition Judge recalls that the deadline for the application of licenses is set for September 1 at 23:59, but establishes as a provisional measure that the International Doge have the minimum number of licenses before Wednesday, August 31 at 12 noon or that, if you think you can rush the final deadline, deposit or present a guarantee for an amount of 493,317 euros to avoid the “economic damage that would be caused to the other clubs in the same group in case of non-participation in the competition due to the quantifiable economic loss that each of the clubs would have from the proportional part of the subscription fees and the box office plus other income on the day of the match in the event that Dux Internacional SL ended up not playing the competition.

The Sole Judge also considers, as explained by the RFEF, in a statement that both the rights of the International Doge and those of the other clubs must be guaranteed and therefore adopts a “provisional measure that balances both rights.”


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