Real Zaragoza makes Nick Buyla’s departure official, but not Lasure’s

At 11:31 p.m. on the night of the end of the market, with only 29 minutes to go until the blind is definitively lowered, Real Zaragoza has managed to materialize the termination of the contract with Nick Buyla. But it does not communicate anything about the case of Daniel Lasure, which was also facing in the same direction a few hours before. The two youth squads with several years of experience in the first team and with several assignments in between, are on their way to stop belonging to Real Zaragoza in the last minutes of the 2022 summer market, on the night of this Thursday, September 1. Their litigation has lasted throughout the preseason, similarly, since the club informed them and their representation agencies upon returning from the June holidays that they did not count within the sports plans of the new project. But neither Buyla nor Lasure accepted the indication, under the guidelines that the club wanted to apply to its termination of contract, and they have made the contracts that both had signed and in force until this chronological point prevail.

Nick had two more years of bond with Real Saragossa. Lasureafter the serious cancer problem -happily overcome- that he suffered last year and after which the entity from Zaragoza decided to extend one more year his contractual commitment, he had precisely that year more in force. The two players are going to receive a good part of the emoluments corresponding to those contracts to accept the settlement, making use of their labor rights.

Nick, central midfielder who is an international with Equatorial Guinea (the country of his ancestors despite the fact that he was already born in Zaragoza after the emigration of his parents), 23 years old, made his debut with the white team in 2020 but had few opportunities in the Second Division. He was loaned to UCAM Murcia first and to Gimnástic de Tarragona then in the last two campaigns, both Second B clubs. He has completed the preseason with Juan Carlos Carcedo, getting to play a few minutes in the first friendlies of July, but he was immediately left aside waiting for his departure, which has been delayed until the epilogue of the market.

For its part, Lasure, left side The 28-year-old has had a longer career in the Aragonese first team, with a great year in the 18-19 league that was about to take him to Eibar in the First Division, a fact that the club itself avoided at that time by not considering opportune its sale for 2 million euros. He had made his debut in Second anecdotally in the last game of the 16-17 season, although it was 17-18 when he emerged as a professional. After his disappointment at not being able to make the leap to the elite and thus lose a much more substantial contract than the one he received in Zaragoza, the left-handed winger began a gradual decline in his performance that ended with a transfer to Tenerife and another to Leganés, derailed in the dynamics of Zaragoza’s cadre despite the fact that La Romareda did not exactly experience positive years. After his serious health problem, Real Zaragoza welcomed him again, but except for two moments in the two decaffeinated games at the end of last year, he did not count again.

If both are consummated, with the departure of Buyla and Lasure from Real Zaragoza, rather than earning a salary limit, what will be achieved will be the opening of necessary spaces in the list of chips for new reinforcements, within the historical overpopulation that the locker room this summer, with up to 33 players under contract simultaneously working with Carcedo. Nick did not have a bib number, since he was returning from Tarragona. Lasure did release the place of ’16’, a number that he inherited when he was discharged last January when Eguaras left for Almería.


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