Recomotor invests one million euros in Lleida in a large warehouse of recovered car parts

It will open in 2023, will work with smart cash flow and will have capacity for more than half a million references


The company Recomotor, specialized in recovering car parts through a network of scrapyards to provide them to workshops, announced this Tuesday that it will invest one million euros in Lleida in “its first macro-warehouse in Spain with which it aspires to provide service to the largest scrapping network in Europe”.

The startup, founded in 2021 by Jan Amat from Lleida and his partner Gerard Palau, who has an office in Lleida, has assured in a statement that “this macro-warehouse, which will see the light of day in 2023, will work with intelligent cash flow and will have for more than half a million part references and will sell throughout the old continent”.

“We have decided to continue growing in Spain due to the large market offered by recovered parts before moving on to other European countries or another product range,” said Jan Amat, from Lleida.

He explained that the option is, apart from controlling current demand, to begin to control supply, “which will be a great concern in the future due to the reduction in registrations and the logistical problems that imported parts offer.”


The co-founder has remarked that the warehouse will be able to start stocking parts that until now were only sent from scrapyards, which, from his point of view, will allow “controlling the quality of the parts, optimizing logistics and improving the experience” of the workshops.

“We aspire to lead this new revolution with an international focus that will consist of taking advantage of all the data left by users in the sector (especially workshops) to forecast all demand”, he added.

Amat has pointed out that the planned ban on the sale of combustion cars in 2035 “will cause a gradual increase in the demand for repair parts of 30% per year, being in 2040 when these transactions outnumber new sales of this type vehicular”.

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