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bear and breakfast It is a proposal that takes us to the depths of the forest to open an inn together with Hank, a very nice bear. Although this game, which was announced at one of the Big N Indies presentations, delayed its release date from Nintendo switch just a couple of weeks before we could enjoy it in the hybrid, now it has already announced this definitive opening date…and it’s not far away!

bear and breakfastthe new B&B coming to Nintendo Switch on September 15, 2022

bear and breakfast It has already been available on PC for a few weeks, but it was still to come to Nintendo Switch, the other platform that had been confirmed from the beginning. Thus, in a letter that comes from the depths of the forest (in the form of a trailer uploaded to YouTube), we receive confirmation that Hank’s inn will open its doors wide on September 15, 2022 on the console hybrid of the Big N, so you should not make any other plans than to spend a dream stay (or a nightmare, depending on which part of the forest you go to) in the inn of our friend the bear.

In this way, and with a new trailer, bear and breakfast He is already very close to reaching that group of players who have been looking forward to playing him when they want, how they want and where they want. And you, do you already have a room reserved?


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