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Shovel Knight Dig is the next adventure of the knight of the shovel, and the good people of Yacht Club Games are developing this new installment in collaboration with Nitrome. It’s been some time since we’ve heard anything about this game, and more so after having suffered several delays, but it seems that the wait to receive new palazos has been worth it, since now they have already announced the release datealong with a trailer of the most “peculiar” (it is the word we have to say when we are asked). We tell you everything!

Shovel Knight Dig arrives on Nintendo Switch (and all other platforms) on September 23, 2022

Palazos here and palazos there in areas that will be generated randomly in each game, this is how we can summarize Shovel Knight dig quickly. However, this title will be much more, and involves the return in style of the gentleman with the shovel, who this time will have to face the Diggers in the subsoil to recover his bag. And when will he be able to do it? Well now we know what it will be from September 23, 2022 on all platforms where its launch has been confirmed, among which is Nintendo switch.

Therefore, with this trailer under our arms, we can only continue to wait, but this time very little, since the arrival of the shovel of justice (or rather, the return) is already very close. Let’s defeat each and every one of the enemies we come across in these new areas!


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