rights and wrongs of the inaugural red carpet


September arrived in style in terms of international red carpets with the premiere of ‘White Noise’ in the 2022 Venice Film Festival.

Some gossiped that Hillary Clinton had gone in a nightgown. How daring she. The one of the gossips, not the one of the American lady.

Luxury overflowed all channels in that corner of the world where cinema and fashion always embrace each other rocked by the most glamorous waters.


1. Julianne Moore entered through the largest door in Venice hand in hand with the Maison Valentino. mighty Italy. Her bodycon dress with her cape was a sight. She more.

2. The champagne crystal dress Matilda Gioli, it was like a princess from a story today. They already wanted the Disney ones.

venice festival

3. grace elizabeth. The eternal power of a good white evening dress. Her wet look hair was top.

4. A suit jacket like the one in Roberta Armaniin midnight blue and paillettes, is a pure party.

venice festival

5. A handsome couple, that’s what they were last night Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse.

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6. Black and white with a belt. The timeless pairing of Rocio Munoz it never fails.

7. Audrey Dewanor how to wear a long black with a bib and be dying of pleasure.


8. Bianca Brandolini D’Adda and her black silhouette dress with multilayer fantasy tulle.

9. Catherine Deneuve She will always be a diva lady, no matter what life walks.

2 (2)

10. If someone else had worn the hackneyed sweetheart neckline with roses from Alessandra Ambrosio We would have found it tiresome and even outdated. In it was a rocked bougainvillea in the Mediterranean. This is life.

sipausa 41188876


1. If the tunic dress Hillary Clinton Ambrosio herself would have worn it or a super diva of cinema or fashion would have seemed like the pear. I have no doubt. In Hillary I liked it too, although she failed in her slippers like walking around the house. If she hadn’t been like that, she would have left her on my hits. I have it clarinet. So this is almost a ‘no error’.

action 39729672

2. The one with Emma Chamberlin It was an American high school graduation in the 80s. Ugly to bore.

3. MariaCarla Boscono she left her dress in the toilette.

2 (4)

Four. Elizabeth Fontana and his 90s. For a ‘Dynasty again’ theme party he would have had his point.

5. The green pleat of Zion Moreno I was not convinced. The shorts with a tail can be afforded by three on the planet. Come on, it was nothing cute.

2 (5)

6. Tessa Thompson couldn’t sit up all night. His architecture had work, two decades ago we would have been crazy.

7. Leila Hatami he mourned until he disappeared.

2 (6)

8 of Greta Ferro my skirt blew me away. In other words, what no one would look at in this cheating dress.

9. And what about Melanie Laurent I’m still chewing it. She was somewhere between the woman coming out of a traveling wizard’s hat and an extra from the Harry Potter saga. I don’t know whether to put it in Harry’s box and magic stop playing fashion…

2 (7)


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