Ring reinvents the intercom

The Ring company has just announced Ring Intercom, a device that connects via Wi-Fi to compatible audio intercom systems. It is characterized by upgrading the functionality of the intercom and giving residents the possibility to speak with whoever is at the entrance of the building and providing remote access to the portal. The Doorphone Extension provides full control through the Ring app, offering contactless access for them and trusted visitors. Even if residents are away from home, they will know when someone rings the intercom or an authorized user enters the building.

Compatible with most systems, Ring Intercom connects to your internal intercom system and is powered by a reusable, rechargeable battery.

New login features

Among the possibilities of the device is the Remote Unlockwith alerts smartphones in real time when a visitor calls the apartment intercom, customers can provide access to the building from anywhere, through the Ring app. The in-app activity log provides an overview of missed and answered internal calls, as well as each time Remote Unlock is used.

Shared Users. Shared access to Ring Intercom can be granted to household members to enter the building and interact with visitors.

Automatic verification For Amazon deliveries, you can choose to receive a package from Amazon even if you are away from home. This optional feature allows verified drivers to safely deliver packages within the building during a set time interval, leaving the delivery at a predetermined, secure location, even if residents are away from home.

Automatically verified guests, this feature will give regular visitors such as family members the opportunity to assign virtual keys so they no longer have to wait outside when they arrive. This allows authorized visitors to enter the building with their mobile and can be easily revoked at any time, eliminating the worry of giving out access codes, as well as buying or keeping track of extra keys and fobs.

a comfortable system

Ring Intercom works with select dAlexa-enabled devices, so there is no need to go to the door or pick up the intercom. By connecting Ring Intercom to your Alexa device, you have hands-free control to talk and provide building access for visitors. It is possible to add camera functionality within the apartment by linking the device with other Ring devices such as Indoor Cam.

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It uses your existing compatible intercom system to enable encrypted two-way talk through the Ring app, which also makes it easy to customize specific privacy and security settings.

The device will go on sale early next year.


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