Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. team up to launch a video game academy

Warner Bros. Discovery Access is teaming up with Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios to start a new games academy.

The academy will be based in the UK, applicants can attempt to break into the games industry with this 12-week programme.

There is a focus on underrepresented applicants and others who might not have been able to find a traditional way into these settings.

The Batman is a new door to expand the Batverse

Warner Bros. Discovery is also looking for new ways to find new talent. Next Gun Skills Academy also plays a role in this association as they handle vocational training for the creative industries.

Getting these applicants up to speed is a top priority, but gaining admission would also give them a much-needed credential to stand out in the hiring process.

Topics covered include art, audio, game design, and QA testing. Applications open today and the deadline to receive them is September 23.

The Rocksteady Studios Academy Syllabus

This is the curriculum of the academy created between Rocksteady Studios and Warner:

  • Be guided through a personalized curriculum that covers a variety of disciplines (audio, art, game design, or QA) and is led by industry professionals.
  • Learn how to build your network; what good communication looks like in a Games Studio environment; how to put together a portfolio of work to help you progress in your career
  • Gain insight into a real work environment and attend master classes and sessions with professionals at all different levels of their careers.
  • Work on a live recap and get feedback from the team at Rocksteady Studios
  • Get feedback, support and advice on your career progress

VG247 spoke with Rocksteady Studios co-founder Jamie Walker about the new initiative:

“Today’s budding game creators are the future of the games industry and we’ve been looking for a long time to find an impactful way to help bring new and underrepresented talent into the industry.”

Warner Bros. Discovery Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Asif Sadiq added:

“The UK games industry is the largest in Europe and we want to ensure we are supporting its sustainable growth while ensuring it is an inclusive and fair sector.”

This show is the first on Warner Bros. Discovery focused solely on our games business, a reflection of our commitment to building and nurturing relationships with underrepresented talent and opening access to the industry.

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