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The Rodrygo of the Champions League and the Rodrygo of the League have been almost different footballers; the European is a star when it comes to desserts, the domestic, almost shy. Cornellà could be the beginning of the arrival of that revolutionary Rodrygo from continental football nights to weekends. The pass from him to Benzema at 1-2, in the 88th minute, was the definitive discharge.

In the 1980s Pistons, the bad boys from the tow they had a player for this type of action, when the attack had to be turned on. It was Vinnie Johnson, who was nicknamed Microwave because he left and the team put one more gear. That got so bad that he even posed for a photo with a shirt with the different temperatures available: Off, Low, Medium, High and temperature vinnie johnson. The temperature that Rodrygo put into Madrid at the RCDE Stadium was immediate and gave meaning to Camavinga’s mess from behind.

Rodrygo's exceptional pass that made it 1-2 for Benzema in the 88th minute.


Rodrygo’s exceptional pass that made it 1-2 for Benzema in the 88th minute.Eric AlonsoGetty

Rodry A Guti was about to score, with a heel in the form of a tray for Vinicius. He was offside. That point of precipitation happened again in the play of the red one to Lecomte, in which he scored but again he was well ahead. Pecans for an attacker who is usually more methodical when approaching the box.

The Rodrygo of miracles against Chelsea and City is also necessary in more, on paper, mundane games. On their backs will be much of Madrid’s offense from the bench. It is significant that Ancelotti, with Madrid threatening but not concretizing with that 1-1 after the psychological barrier of the 85th minute, did not even look at Asensio or Hazard. This attack, for better or worse, is the exclusive property of Vinicius, Benzema and Rodrygo. The rest, add what you can.

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“He’s going to have more minutes than last season because he can give us a lot, up front, on the left wing…”, Ancelotti predicted in the preview of Espanyol. Also that turning the button and raising the team’s offensive kilowatts almost instantly and when the defenses begin to falter physically. A plan, while the headline days have not yet arrivedwhich seems seamless.

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