rumors point to a “pill-hole” on screen

Next week we have apple event: next September 7 the new iPhone 14and among the many rumors that arrive there is one that stands out: one that raises the (beginning of) the end of the notch as such.

The notch would disappear on the iPhone 14 Pro model to become a hole in the screen. not a normal hole, but a more elongated pill-shaped hole and that would allow to house both the webcam and the Face ID sensors.

The notch evolves

The rumors in the change of format of the notch come from farbut as we have been getting closer to the presentation of the iPhone 14, various media and analysts they have been confirming that that possibility was getting stronger.

the last to do it It was Mark Gurmaneditor at Bloomberg and who is usually right with his predictions about the products and services that Apple prepares and their characteristics.

That space that is gained from the old notch makes the use of the front greater, but in addition that “hole-pill” could also integrate a new function: the video and mic recording indicatorsindicate at 9to5Mac.

Source: 9to5Mac

The redesign of the notch also raises potential camera app changeswhich would now have an expandable control bar and would make use of that upper part of the screen, instead of the lower one.

As The Verge indicates, the rumors fit in with recent patents that included proposals for separate the IR sensor from the main notch and placing it in a different area that would allow “to reduce the overall size of the components and image sensors”.

The change, we insist, it could only affect the iPhone 14 Pro and it would allow to differentiate it even more from its little brothers. If this rumor is fulfilled, the situation would be curious: that the iPhone begins to detach from the notch just when it is reaching many other products —MacBook Air M2 included— is almost ironic.

It remains to be seen if the rumors are confirmed, and we will be very attentive next September 7: We are waiting for you in live coverage that we will offer in Xataka.

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