Russia fears that the IAEA mission to Zaporizhia will be suspended again by the United Nations


The Russian Foreign Ministry has shown its distrust that the mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, in Ukrainian territory but controlled by Russia, can be carried out and not be blocked again by the United Nations. United.

“The position of the UN Secretary General (António Guterres) continues to raise questions (…) He cannot or does not want to accept reality,” criticized the diplomatic portfolio, which has criticized him for his “lack of will.”

“Let us remember that it was precisely because of the obstruction by the secretary general (…) that the IAEA’s international mission, which had been practically coordinated and prepared in all aspects, failed at the beginning of the summer,” they have criticized from the Ministry of Exteriors.

At this point, the Russian government has warned that “there is no certainty that this will not happen again” when the country’s authorities begin to prepare the trip of the director general of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, a inspection already outlined in the last meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

In fact, referring to this forum, the Russian Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, Maria Zajarova, acknowledged that in Moscow they are “outraged” by the attitude of the representatives of the Western powers, who, according to her, “in order to please their Russophobic attitudes, They immediately began to deny the obvious facts related to the Ukrainian bombing of the Zaporizhia power plant.”

“There is not and cannot be any justification for the fact that the states that claim a special responsibility to guarantee international peace and security have not found the strength to clearly point out to kyiv the inadmissibility of the outrages it is committing and ask it to put an end to nuclear terrorism,” Zajarova said.

Thus, the Russian authorities have admitted to having the impression that “no matter how far” President Zelensky has come, the West “is ready to cancel all its sins in advance”.

“Judging by the persistence with which the American and European delegations rushed to promote the idea of ​​”demilitarizing” the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and the territories adjacent to it, they are not going to seriously analyze the current situation (…) All the essence of their foreign policy approaches boils down to blaming Russia for all problems and threats,” Moscow said.

The UN Security Council meeting served to address the “extremely dangerous” situation in Zaporizhia after a series of offensives launched against the facilities and of which Russia and Ukraine have accused each other. According to Moscow, the position of the UN representative, Vasili Nebenzia, was in line with that defended by Grossi himself.

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