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confirmed on Wednesday that is registering some victories in the south of the country, in the vicinity of which are causing the forces are forced to go back there.

General Pat Ryder, Press Secretary of the Pentagonindicated at a press conference that the Ukrainian military operations are making “some progress” in that area, but declined to give details so as not to compromise the security of these interventions and give Ukraine “the necessary time and space” for it to operate.

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“Our focus remains on working with the Ukrainians and with our allies and partners around the world to ensure they have what they need to fight Russia on their soil,” he stressed.

Since he arrived at White House in January 2021, the Government of the Democrat Joe Biden has delivered some $13.5 billion in military aid to Ukraineof which most have been mobilized after the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24.

The Pentagon representative argued that USA does not seek to respond only to the immediate needs of Kyivbut also to make sure that Ukraine has the necessary means to defend itself in the future.

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Ryder spoke on the same day that the international expert mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) came to Zaporizhiain the southeast of Ukrainewhere they will begin their work to inspect the nuclear power plant this Thursday.

“We ask all parties to ensure the safety of the nuclear plant, for obvious reasons, and to Russia to allow the team to come in and do their job.” concluded the press secretary of the Pentagon.


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