Russian opponent Leonid Gozman arrested for comparing Stalin to Hitler

29 August 2022 – 7:40 p.m.

The Russian opponent Leonid Gozman, contrary to the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, was arrested on Monday for comparing Soviet leader Iosif Stalin in a Facebook message with the German Adolf Hitler.

“Hitler is absolute evil, but Stalin is even worse. The SS was criminal, but the NKVD was even more terrible, as the Chekists killed their own. Hitler declared war on humanity. The communists declared war on their own people”, stated the message published last April.

Gozman, who had already been arrested in July for failing to report his dual Russian-Israeli citizenship, although he was later released, will spend the night in a central Moscow police station, according to his lawyer, Yulia Tregubova, from the organization OVD-Info.

As reported by the police to the TASS agency, the liberal politician was arrested under article 13.48 of the civil code on the identification of actions committed by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, enacted a law last year, approved by the Duma or chamber of deputies, that prohibits such a comparison.

Via EFE.


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