Russian warships sail between Britain and Ireland and alert the Royal Navy

The Marshal Ustinov cruiser and a group of other Russian warships continue on their supposed route back to Russia and have been seen sailing around the UK. Some days ago, two American destroyers had escorted them through the Strait of Gibraltarafter its operations in the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of February.

The group of Russian Navy ships appear to have taken a turn from the main route they were going to deal with, and are now sailing through British waters. Besides of Slava Class Cruiser Marshal Ustinov, in the ship set is found the Udaloy-class destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov and an oil tanker, Vyazma.

According to British media, Russian warships are currently sailing through the south-west of the UK. The exact positions of the cruiser and destroyer are not visible from open sources, but the tanker, which transmits its position on the AIS (Automatic Identification System), has passed the entrance to the English Channel and is sailing into the Irish Sea, followed by HMS Lancastera Royal Navy warship.


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