Ryanair and Iberia Express strike: 4 flights canceled and 256 delayed

The new day of strikes of the cabin crew (TCP) of Iberia Express Y Ryanair has left four canceled flights and 256 delays this Wednesday, according to the USO union, convener of both protests, along with Sitcpla, in the case of the Irish airline.

The four cancellations correspond to the low-cost subsidiary of Iberia, which has preemptively canceled two round-trip flights between Madrid and Palma de Mallorca, and between the capital of Spain and Gran Canaria, as we explained in These are the flights canceled by Iberia Express until Fridaywhile the delays, almost entirely, correspond to Rayanir, firing up to a total of 252.

Iberia Express relocates the 500 affected passengers today

Iberia Express, which plans to operate 99 flights today, has highlighted, in a statement, that 100% of the 500 passengers affected by the four cancellations have already been relocated either on other airline flights, on Iberia or on other companies or alternative means of transportation.

In addition, according to USO, on the fourth day of mobilizations of the ten scheduled on Iberia Express, there have been four delays, all of them in departures, at the airports of Madrid and Las Palmas

However, the company, which recognizes four flights with delays of more than 15 minutes, attributes them “to operational reasons, totally unrelated to the strike.”

Numerous delays at Ryanair

Ryanair, for its part, has not canceled any flights, but 252 have suffered delays, 106 of them in departures, and 146 in arrivals, with Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Madrid being the most affected airports.

From the data provided by USO it can be deduced that the Balearic capital has registered 73 delays (31 in departures and 42 in arrivals); Barcelona, ​​51; Malaga, 38, and Madrid, 30

The strike of the Ryanair crew in Spain is called until January 7, 2023, with weekly shifts from Monday to Thursday, while that of Iberia Express, until September 6.


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