Sadiq likes it a lot, but he won’t do crazy things

Sadiq celebrates the goal he scored against Sevilla last Saturday.

Donostia – One day less for the market close. La Real is already working against the clock to close its great signing for this season without seeming to be very clear about what its priority is. The sports management still does not seem to have agreed on who is the player who should come and how much is the maximum that the club is willing to invest. As we reported yesterday, the one who was ruled out is Cavani, for whom, by the way, he has never firmly supported the royalist entity. The one who wins integers is Umar Sadiq, who has become the best placed of a wide list of players who like or who have been offered in recent hours. With the Nigerian there is little doubt, either he puts in the money that Almería asks for or it will be difficult for him to come. In three games he has scored two goals, an ideal situation for the sheikh who governs Almería and who, after his triumphant performance against Sevilla, had no qualms about confirming that he was for sale and that he was going to leave.

In the Andalusian capital they put the price they have put on their striker at 30 million euros, an amount that La Real does not seem to come close to. It cannot be forgotten that the largest disbursement in txuri-urdin history was Illarramendi with 17 million, that is, twice as much, something that does not square with the royalist leaders.

La Real is aware that it needs another striker, since it would be very risky to stay with Sorloth, who last year, when they did not find a place for him, was a substitute for Isak and with the limping Carlos Fernández, waiting for Oyarzabal to recover. But he also knows that all of Europe knows first-hand his buoyant economic situation and that he is looking for a striker, so he does not expect anyone to rob him or pay above the real price of his players. Of course, holding out until December like this would be too daring and difficult to explain to the fans, so the key reinforcement of the summer is expected after the shock caused by Isak’s goodbye…


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