Sadiq Umar, the most expensive signing in history

This summer market has been characterized by being that of the records in the Royal Society in terms of the amounts of the operations that it has carried out. If Alexander Isak became the most profitable transfer for the txuri-urdin club, after receiving 70 million euros from Newcastle, plus another 5 depending on certain variables, the signing of Sadiq Umar is also the most expensive signing that the Gipuzkoan entity has carried out in its history.

The 20 million, plus another 5 in variables, paid by Real to Almería stand as the highest amount ever paid by a soccer player by the txuri-urdin institution. A figure that breaks all records.

This market will also be historic because three of the four signings they have made from the noble floor of Anoeta enter the top 10 of the most expensive in the history of Real. If Sadiq’s is the first, Brais Méndez tops the podiumbeing the third with 14 million (equal to Carlos Vela, for whom 3 million were paid in 2012 for 50% of his federal rights and 11 million in 2014 for the remaining half), while that of Mohamed-Ali Cho is in seventh position, with 11 million. Fourth, Kubo would already be in 16th place of this ranking, paired with other footballers, after the 6 million euros paid by Real Madrid to acquire 50% of their rights.

Until now, the most expensive signing of the realistic club was Asier Illarramendi. For the mutrikuarra to rejoin the txuri-urdin discipline after passing through Real Madrid, the Board of Directors chaired in 2018 by Jokin Aperribay had to pay the white club an amount of €17 million, which was to date the highest figure that Real has paid for a player. In any case, the operation cannot be considered very expensive at all because it must be remembered that previously, when the Gipuzkoan midfielder left Anoeta to go to the Santiago Bernabéu, the Blue and White institution entered nearly 39 million euros in their coffers ( the 32 million that appeared in his termination clause plus VAT). Therefore, it can be considered a very profitable operation.


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