Sarah Palin loses election in Alaska

The controversial former US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin hhas lost her bid to return to active politics as a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives from Alaskaand has fallen behind the Democratic candidate, who will occupy that seat in Congress.

According to projections by the major US media, Democrat Mary Peltola beat Palin with 51.5% of the vote, while Republican he kept 48.5%.

This is a big surprise in a conservative-leaning state like Alaska, and in which Palin was the candidate with the highest public profile due to her former candidacy, in addition to having served as governor of the state and having with the support of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

Alaska uses a ranked-choice voting system, and in the initial count the dispute centered on three candidates: Peltola, Palin and another Republican, Nick Begich.

On the second countWith Begich’s option already discarded, who had been third, Peltola prevailed over Palin by counting, in addition to the first options of the voters, their second preferences.

Peltola will be the first Democrat to hold a seat in 49 years.

Peltola will be the first Democrat to hold a seat that for the past 49 years it was occupied by the Republican Don Young, who passed away in March.

Also in Alaska, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, the only one in 2021 voted to convict Trump at his impeachment trial, He has been in first position in the primary elections, thus keeping open the possibility of continuing in office.

According to the projections of the main American media, Murkowski was in first position, ahead of the candidate supported by Trump, also Republican Kelly Tshibaka, and approximately twenty other candidates.

Alaska uses a special electoral system in which The primaries are attended by candidates from all parties. (Tuesday’s had both Republicans and Democrats) and the top four finishers are the ones who will face each other in the November general election.

Judging by the areas in which Murkowski garnered most of his votes, several traditionally Democratic voters would have changed parties this time and would have supported the current senator, pthat to belong to the Republican Party.


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