Scariolo on Lorenzo Brown: “He doesn’t take away anyone’s position because no one was prepared, not even remotely, for the National Team’s point guard position”

The Spanish Basketball Team debuts in the European Championship against Bulgaria in Georgia. The coach Scariolo transmits his sensations to us at Radioestadio the night before this first match. There are seven players that are summoned to the windows.

There is a lot of curiosity to see how these players will respond to a challenge that they have never done before. Collectively, the objective is to do something that we have always done, to give the image of a cohesive team that plays as a team,” says Sergio Scariolo, who emphasizes the moment in which the national team is: “You have to compete and show your face. The competition gives you what you deserve. Efforts must be concentrated on overcoming the first phase, which is not easy. We don’t have that much superiority against several teams, and none against others. I would not set a qualifying goal, because the crossing is deadly.”

He acknowledges that with the number of changes in the squad, it has been necessary to change: “We have had to make adjustments and corrections in the way we play. In reality you have to realize that the players are what they are and they can give you what they can give you“. Finally, Juan Núñez is not there: “Juan Núñez came practically as a guest just like Alderete. In the early days we talked about whether or not he would debut. He has followed until the end because we wanted to give him more experience.” And he reflects on this: “The Spanish standard of the right of first refusal is obsolete. It was put in over 30 years ago and it’s out of line because it’s trying poorly to copy the NBA free agent rule but in a completely different situation.”

Rudy has surprised me in many things. Raise the threshold of keeping up the pace of workouts. Lead by example. In the interest he has put into preparing for the matches. And finally, he has realized that he is the only player who has stepped on the top floors internationally and has encouraged the rest and reproached when he played, because he has everyone’s respect, “he says about the captain.

And Lorenzo Brown’s attitude stands out in his first adventure with Spain: “He has entered with tremendous humility, education, respect and admiration. He has been in the NBA and seemed like a Junior. Also in the game with an almost exaggerated altruism. He has not removed anyone’s position because there was no one qualified for the starting base position of the National Team“.

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