SD Huesca yearns to further strengthen the defense and midfield

“Upstairs we have a lot of people and also on the wings, in the center of the fields and behind we are more scarce”. It is not exactly an easy task, but, if it can be done before the market closes on Thursday, the sports director of the SD Huesca, Ángel Martín González, would bet on continuing to strengthen the team both in midfield and in defence. “We are always open to improving in any position and if something comes up that can help us, we will try it,” defender Rubén Pulido said Tuesday at the presentation of what is the ninth signing to date. In any case, he did not want to be optimistic about it either, since the club is “very limited in economic matters”.

Mainly, what has complicated and complicates the incorporations is the saturated salary limit of the azulgranas. Possibilities are being studied to alleviate it, but the manager warns that “We have few levers, we don’t have Barça’s ability to make money”.

In addition to Rubén Pulido, coach Cuco Ziganda now has full-backs Ratiu, Valentín, Miguel and Vilarrasa for defense and central defenders Jorge Pulido, Blasco, Euse and Anglada. In the core, the options are Timor, Kento, Sielva, Salvador, Juan Carlos, Tomeo, Manu Rico and David García. Of all of them, Blasco, Vilarrasa, Kento and Sielva have joined the Catalans this summer. With the new central defender, they would seek to provide more experience to a very young line and with the midfielder, they would want someone with creative capacity.

One of the names that would be considered is that of Javier Mier, 23-year-old medium from Oviedo. Although Martín González did not want to confirm his interest, he did explain that he knows him “very well” from his time with the Asturians and that “He has good manners, a lot of intensity and he plays very well.”

The exit -sees “complicated” that there is more– From Álvaro Fernández to Espanyol, already closed, although it has not been made official, it is one of the tools to make room in the wage bill together with the inclusion of new sponsorships and to these could be added the sale of Melero to Almería by the Levante, an operation that has emerged in recent hours and in which Huesca would receive a percentage of the transfer. “Everything is important and helps. If money comes in, it opens doors for us, but we don’t think about it because it is something we can enter, if it happens we will enjoy something else, ”he valued.

After a summer in which he has dealt with nine signings, four terminations and two transfers, he considers that “We have the best squad we could have”. “It’s the one we have to work with, win games and change the dynamic,” she said. In this regard, he considered the last two defeats against Cartagena and Albacete, both after a goal in the last minute, that “More than bad luck, we do something wrong so that the same thing does not happen twice in a row”. “The team competes well and shows its face”, he wanted to highlight Cuco Ziganda’s men.


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