September starts with a level of hotel reservations higher than that of 2019

The volume of reservations for Spanish hotels in September is currently 114.22% above the figures prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the World Hotel Index hotel trading platform Siteminder.

September has become a key month in the tourist season in recent years and the trend continues to grow. In addition, Spain will remain strong in its position as a reference destination also in these weeks.

In fact, according to data from Siteminderwith an increase of 114.22% over the same month in 2019, is ahead of the global average of hotel reservations (98.19%) and from other neighboring countries such as United Kingdom (104.18%), France (97.22%), Italy (91.63%), Morocco (86.08%) or malt (81.62%), and only behind Portugalwhich registers a volume of reserves of 125.73%.

Hotel reservations have been on the rise for weeks, which anticipates a longer summer season. Of all those made in the last two weeks of August, 57.77% correspond to stays to enjoy in September

Spanish tourism celebrates a record summer, which will last in September.

Furthermore, while in August the National tourismin September it grows again international marketwhich right now occupies more than half of the total reserves. 64.32% of guests staying in Spanish hotels during this month will be foreigners.

The good performance of the sector is distributed evenly throughout the territory, although Barcelona stands out above all Spanish and European capitals, with a volume of reservations of 139.56% on pre-COVID data.

Cities like Madridlocated at 112.5% ​​of the reserves of 2019; Sevilleat 114.4%; Malagaat 109.07%, and Valenciaat 105.5%.

More data on the evolution of hotel reservations

August hotel reservations are 6% above 2019

Hotel reservations from abroad increase by 48.8% until August

Spain leads the tourist recovery worldwide


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