Several Tesla customers in Norway start a hunger strike to protest the low quality of their vehicles

A group of Norwegian owners of Tesla vehicles has gone on a hunger strike to publicize the quality problems of their cars. Although it is not the first time that several clients of the Californian brand have organized with the aim of protesting the defects of their cars, until now no one had reached the extreme of the group that concerns us today.

Among the complaints listed by these owners we find both failures that will normally only occur in cold regions like Norway (vehicles that do not start, door handles that do not open when frozen, etc.) Like other more general (bubbles on the seats, trunk lids full of water, yellow borders around the screen…).

They also point to other issues such as shorter-than-promised battery life, charging difficulties, and Superchargers that don’t fit older models. Also, criticism also affects the brand’s after-sales servicebecause some faults are not resolved in the service centers until several months have passed, while customer service usually has long telephone waiting times.

The hunger strike lasted 24 hours and took place from August 27 to 28. “Now that it’s over, I hope Tesla will listen. This will be in his own interest. They are very well positioned to dominate the electric vehicle market, but if too many people experience these problems, other automakers will be ready to take their place.”explains to Carscoops Erlend Morcwho participated in the protest.

Tesla enjoys great success in Norway

Currently, Norway has more Tesla vehicles per capita than anywhere else in the world, something mainly due to the enormous acceptance that electric cars have achieved in the Nordic country; in fact, from the year 2025 the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines will be prohibited at the national level.

Despite the fact that on their page these users write that “If Elon Musk finds out about our problems, he will solve the situation”, the truth is that it does not seem that the CEO of Tesla has taken this protest seriously; in fact, everything indicates that he would have mocked the initiative in a veiled way on his Twitter profile. “On the advice of a good friend, I have been fasting periodically and feel healthier”Musk wrote on the 28th, a comment that has been described by Mørc as “cruel”.

Source | Carscoops

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