Shakira revolutionizes the networks with a message to Bizarrap

Bizarrap and Shakira in promotional images.

Only three words have been enough for the Colombian artist to make users of social platforms dream

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Shakira has been one of the undisputed protagonists of the
social networks in recent days, turning almost daily into
trending topic. It hasn’t been like that because of his music, but because of his personal situation. And it is that many of his followers have used these platforms to convey love and support after his
break with Barcelona footballer Gerard Piquéwith whom he has two children.

The latest uproar on networks, related to this issue, came with the first images published in the press of Piqué with his new love, the 23-year-old Barcelonan Clara Chía Martí. Then,
the support for the Colombian artist was massive.

On this occasion, Shakira’s rise to the top of Twitter trends has little to do with her ex-partner. A message from the singer to the Argentine music producer
Bizarrein just three words, was enough to make users dream of a
collaboration between both.

“Happy birthday @bizarrap!”, Were the words expressed by the interpreter. The birthday boy, who blew out candles on Monday, August 29, replied showing some emotion and astonishment at the “sender” of the tweet:
“Wow thank you very much Shak”.

Given this exchange of messages, many see the recording of one of the famous
sessions of the Argentinian interpreted by Shakira. If she were the next to launch, she would be number 53 and would succeed the successful
‘Stay’(Session #52) from Gran Canaria
Quevedowhich has garnered 227 million views on YouTube and 367 million listeners on Spotify.


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